We know you have a lot of questions, so we’ll try to answer them here. If you still have more questions, use the contact us button or chat box below.

Can any one register to race?

You must be 18 years of age or older to race(day of) and have a Racer ID from CRAA (Cycling Racers Association of America).

Do you refund tickets?

The ACC will refund you your race ticket(s) if the event is cancelled, however all events, if posted have been confirmed. If you are unable to attend the race, we would be happy to transfer your ticket to another event at a later date.

All events will take place rain or shine, unless other wise noted on your ticket.


What are your COVID measures?

The ACC is following strict COVID guidelines and will provide you details instructions for your specific event. Please ensure you are prepared to wear a mask and maintain social distancing.


Are spectators allowed?

Yes, and no. Each event facility has it’s own rules regarding spectators. Please check the specific event page for details.


Can I buy a ticket to race day of?

Yes, if there are tickets to race available, you may purchase them day of.


What Categories of racing does the CRAA offer?

The CRAA offers Road Bike & Fixed Gear Road Bike Racing for adult men & women in the following classes:

  • PRO
  • PRO-AM

The CRAA does NOT offer any Junior racing at this time.


What Category will I be assigned when I register?

The CRAA will review your current license category with USA Cycling and will assign you to our corresponding racing Class. Below is our conversion chart. If you do not have a current license category with USA Cycling, you will be assigned to Open Class.

  • PRO –> USA Cycling Pro, Cat 1, & top Cat 2 finishers
  • PRO-AM –> Cat 2 & Cat 3
  • OPEN CLASS –> Cat 4 & Cat 5

If you still have more questions, use the contact us button or chat box below.



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